Design your own vehicle and restore balance to the world.

Rebuilders’ Website

Rebuilders is a mobile realtime multiplayer game combining the fun of MOBA, base building and tower defense in an energetic battle game.

In a world hit by a cataclysmic climate change, humankind tries to survive and to rebuild. Build your own base (which you defend with towers and vehicles), set out on adventure (in a realtime MOBA) and collect new members for your crew. Team up! Collect all the scrap items you can find, construct your personal vehicles, fight against environmental destruction and for the survival of humankind!

Key features

  • Combine tons of Weapons and Gadgets and design your personal vehicle.
  • Team up and set out on adventure with your friends.
  • Rebuild our planet and protect your home against the enemies.


Based on Gerald Reitschmied’s idea and concept, Zeppelin Studio supports the development in production and programming in Unity 5. The game is currently in development.


Genre: Action strategy game
Platform: iOS, Android
Release: t.b.a. (in development)