Sharing Screenshots with the World

by Tiare Feuchtner

It might be we’re somewhat slow on the uptake, but we just recently discovered the #ScreenshotSaturday on Twitter.
(Short explanation to whoever might not know: this means that on Saturdays you can post a screenshot of your work on Twitter and if you use the hash tag #ScreenshotSaturday it will be seen by many many people and also automatically appear on numerous lists, pages and blogs.)
Don’t get me wrong, we of course always knew it existed. But we never knew what it meant. Encouraged by a talk at the Amaze Berlin, we finally put our minds to it to try it out. This is our first #ScreenshotSaturday pic, which we posted about 3 weeks ago.

Screenshot Saturday

Lots of retweets and favorites followed and it was even awarded screenshot of the day – that was awesome! So the following week, we posted this beauty.

Screenshot Saturday

Once more people responded with lots of retweets and stars. And we got a couple of new followers too.
We saw that this system seemed to work. Everybody likes pictures and the whole world sharing screenshots one day a week is a wonderful thing! We were hooked.
This was our contribution on the third Saturday.

Screenshot Saturday

Now I’m not telling you this to brag about our pretty pretty screenshots. All I want to say is don’t underestimate the #ScreenshotSaturday! Post a picture of your own project and you will see…