Getting the workflow running

by leed:audio

This week we would like to give you a little update about the musical part of Schein.
After a short summer break and recovery from the strains of the Gamescom we had were tasked with creating the background music for the new gameplay-trailer, which you will get to see soon.
The last couple of weeks we were mainly busy with re-designing and constructing the interior of our studio. New software, new instruments, new room, new hardware.. Much noisy ado about nothing, because due to all the construction we could barely actually focus on our music.


The main focus in redesigning our studio, apart from acoustic tweaks (e.g. sewing curtains and building absorbers), was the improvement of our workflo(w) (pun intended!). Up until now we’ve had to deal with the problem that we either had to work apart, or all three of us had to squeeze in front of one workstation.
Now that we’re finally united in the same location and Florian has his very own key to the studio, we can resume full work and continue to tinker with the auditory component of the Schein-world.


UHH! Now we’ve formatted the wrong hard drive!
Well, such setbacks are part of it all and this way we could at least discover the convenience of an Undelete. 😉


Next time we will give you a more in-depth account about the conception of music and sound effects and their interaction with the gameplay-elements in Schein.