A Bit of Schein

by Philipp Schürz

Exciting times for Schein and for us, the developers. With the game starting on Greenlight and crowd funding not far away, there’s a lot to do. When we started this project, I would never have imagined that creating the game is not necessarily the biggest part of making a game ^^. There is just so much stuff that comes with it. Research, marketing, promotion, financial worries, and that’s without going into detail. But all of this has taught us so much. I know I go on about what a great learning experience this is in pretty much every blog post. But it is the way I feel.

Recently, although I would consider the reception on Greenlight pretty a pretty good one, there were some comments stating that our game doesn’t look as amazing as “Giana Sisters”. Yes, we are not “The Giana Sisters”, we’re not “Bastion”, or any other game. But we started this game with NO experience and NO budget. This is the very first game we ever created and I am very proud of what we have achieved. We are working hard and we are improving and learning and changing every day.

If you are one of the people who look at our video and draw comparisons to other games with more resources behind them, just download our demo. That is why we have one, so you can experience it for yourself. The feel of a game cannot be conveyed through a video. If it could, it would be a movie. So before you make up your mind about what our game is or isn’t, just play it. It’s free and I know we can find a place in your heart for our game. After all, it found one in our hearts too.

Okay, enough preaching, here’s a sequence of how the current promotional illustration happened.

Illustration Sequence