Aaaaand Action! Cutscenes

by Bernhard Klemenjak

Kilian has already told you about the different possibilities for telling the story of our game. The way of storytelling is quite significant for the enjoyment of gameplay – so it’s not an easy decision.

Of course, a game is for being played. If half the game would consist of just watching an animated character having adventures in the swamp, it would rather be a movie than a game. Nevertheless, we find that cut scenes are a great opportunity to give the player some well-earned rest. And at the same time he may learn some new details about the wondrous world around him.


Telling the story with in-game graphics (instead of cartoon-like videos) requires a well-integrated cut scene-system. The player should gently be brought to a halt, and needs to be clearly informed, that he may now lean back and enjoy the show. Then game objects, animations, sound and subtitles need to be perfectly synchronized, to offer the player an amazing spectacle. But only if he wants this to happen – if he should by any chance already know this scene, or just want to get on with the game without delay (which I would never understand), then he must be able to quickly skip it. Because seriously, what can be more annoying in a game than cut scenes which you don’t want to see, but are forced to watch…