Bug load

by Philipp Schäfer

Recently there was an article on Gamasutra highlighting the benefits of blogging. For me the most important thing on a personal side is to reflect upon my own work. And hopefully I see … that I do interesting stuff.

We were at the Imagine Cup German Finals and at the Amaze festival. Others have already written about these two topics. We (including me) are creating marketing assets again. We are also getting our company communication up and are doing more Zeppelin Studio stuff (damn, the Schein joke from the German translation doesn’t work here). But those are all not my topics. Instead I decided to write about the thing that is most important in life … yes: coding.

When no new collision bug gets on my nerves and for once fmod doesn’t refuse to load a sound, I can take my time and improve the background with Flip. We decided to put more and more handmade and hand placed assets into the game. There are also completely new backgrounds for every couple of levels. To avoid occupying even more memory and bore you to death with our loading screen more than we do already (that will be optimized), we needed something we did not before: A lot of hashes and control structures to load our textures. But even then some managed to get strangely wonderful pictures.

bug load
Here is one, drawn by an Intel4000, which was sent to us by our audio crew Leed Audio. It combines some GUI Elements and ads some shader bugs … I am impressed and can’t wait for the first Schein exhibition. If you too have a graphic bug this beautiful, please send it to us!