CEGC = “sexy”?

by Tiare Feuchtner

Last week Zeppelin Studio paid a visit to Schein’s birthplace, the FH Technikum Wien. This trip was not merely motivated by sentimental feelings however, but to take part in the indie expo of the CEGC (Central European Games Conference).
Don’t worry, if you’ve never heard of this before, the CEGC only just took place for the very first time! And it was organized by Games Austria, which is also quite new.


We had a great time meeting old friends and making new ones, playing games, showing off  Schein a little bit and mostly just enjoying ourselves. There was a beautiful mix of nationalities with participants were from all over central and eastern Europe.


We are very happy that Austria’s gaming industry has taken another step forward and hope to see the CEGC growing and becoming more popular every year. We’d love to be there again next year, be it just as visitors, as exhibitors, or even as speakers!

As a side note, should you be having trouble pronouncing or remembering “CEGC”, just try saying it as “ceg-si”, or perhaps “sexy”. We were officially told that that’s the right way to say it. (Somebody must’ve really had a good laugh after coming up with this pun.)

New Schein Banner

And on a whole different subject, we have an announcement to make: Zeppelin Studio has just recently found a partner for the marketing and distribution of Schein. Since the release we have been struggling to gain visibility on Steam, but Schein just seemed to drown in the endless flood of new games. So now we are super excited to give our whole marketing campaign a huge boost together with Meridian4!