Celebrating a Schein Update

By Michael Benda

Schein has undergone some changes, which we think you will greatly appreciate, and a updated version is being published today. And because we think this is an occasion to celebrate, you can get Schein for 75% off for a whole week!

Schein 50% off

For those interested in the particulars, here are the details on what we’ve changed in the game.

Performance optimization:
In general, the rendering of the 2D background assets is a big performance killer, since every pixel of the screen has to be processed multiple times.
We have now reduced the GPU workload when rendering the background by reducing the number of trees.
We optimized DirectX state changes throughout the rendering pipeline. (Less clear screen calls and less state changes in general.)
We reduced the CPU workload by changing obsolete 3D data to 2D data.
We optimized the rendering of the 3rd end boss by getting rid of an additional render pass to a render target.
Finally note, that the high/low quality setting in the “Settings” menu now has bigger impact on the GPU performance. (The backmost tree-layer and some reflections won’t be rendered anymore on low quality setting.) So if you were experiencing performance issues with the game, be sure to change the settings and give it another go!

Level tweaks:
There has been a long list of minor changes.
Level 1 – streamlined the part after meeting the ghost light for the first time.
Level 2 – minor changes of pacing and distances.
Level 3 – streamlined the riding of platforms as well as the boss fight.
Level 4 – reduced the length of the dialog at the beginning and simplified the vine passages.
Level 5 – streamlined the skill passages.
Level 6 – compressed several skill and puzzle parts so that the player does not lose the overview. smoothed out the introduction of lava fountains. streamlined the 2nd end boss.
Level 7 – minor changes of pacing and distances.
Level 8 – streamlined speedy boat passages.
Level 9 – minor changes of pacing and distances. performance tweak of 3rd end boss.
Level 11 – minor changes of pacing and distances.
Level 12 – minor changes of pacing and distances.

The feedback for all these changes was collected from players, who approached us directly with ideas, from Let’s Plays, where we could see players struggle at certain points, as well as from fellow devs, whom we urged to give Schein a try.
We thank you all for your input – you have helped us make Schein a better game!