Conceptualizing Audio for Schein

by Leed:Audio

After focussing on our working enviroment in our last post, we now want to introduce you to our audio concept for Schein.
In the beginning we concentrated on getting to know the story and setting of the game. It was soon clear to us, that we did not want to write a completely gloomy score, but something that would express a certain ambivalence. A continuous fluctuation or oscillation between desperation and hope.

audio concept

From this idea we composed a main theme, which still forms the basis for further compositions and is picked up again and again for every new track. Furthermore, we divided all levels of the game into groups and dedicated an individual orchestration to each group.

In the end we hope that we can provide a coherent and immersive (acoustic) gaming experience with these abstractions. Below you can find a short mix of tracks, which will be featured in Schein (however they, like Schein itself, are still work-in-progress):
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” iframe=”true” /]

Next time we will give you an insight into the process of recording and creating the sound effects for Schein.