Crunch Time!

by Leed:Audio

This short before finalization of the Beta everyone’s head is spinning! Everybody needs something from somebody else, the bugs crawl out in surprising numbers, project files crash (we are so grateful for file versioning), the coffee suddenly runs out and of course we all lack sleep.
But such a deadline also has a bright side: Things finally get done! The theory applies, that you actually can do 8 hours of work in only 6, just because you quit procrastinating and really concentrate (most often). And of course it also has the positive effect, that after 1 or 2 days a great change can be seen in the game, from your own changes and those of the others. It’s slowly starting to feel whole. It’s not all quite smoothed out yet – sure, but it’s already a real game. That’s a great feeling. „About time“, you might say. But we all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. And as you can see in our level lists below, the plans often change in the process.

Level Tracks
And what does that have to do with music? Well… perhaps very little. But we’ve got to write something! We’re not allowed to officially present the soundtracks yet and to explain when a modulation is interweaved to elegantly jump back to the starting point of the loop, or how to edit the controller data of a virtual violin ensemble, or which RMS values and levels are important for Mastering, or what difficulties FMOD can make when starting event-based automated effects,… those are things nobody would want to read about!