Cryptical Greenlight Stats

by Tiare Feuchtner

Greenlight, for all who don’t know, is the application process for “smaller” developers to get their games on Steam. The system hereby relies on players to vote for the games they wish to see on Steam. (I will not explain what Steam is here – see for yourself!) So anyways, as a developer you get to see this beautiful screen of statistics which shows you how well your game is doing, and I wish to shed some light on this. Among others this screen shows the number of unique visitors, the number of ‘yes’ votes, a pie chart showing the ratio of ‘yes’ votes to ‘no’ votes and most importantly the mysterious “current rank”. I believe this value shows the percent of the way to the top 100 – leading to believe that when this value has reached 100% and your game is in the top 100 list, something magical will happen. This magic is called being “greenlit” and means, that the game can be officially distributed through Steam from then on.

Greenlight Stats

It is said however that some games linger in the top ranks for a long while, while others all around them are greenlit. And what’s more, I have heard rumors that some games were even greenlit although they had not reached the company of the glorious top 100. So it would seem, that Steam choose the games they wish to greenlight arbitrarily. They give their thumbs up or thumbs down just as they see fit, but often they do listen to the crowd’s cheer and favor those who are cheered for most loudly. And why wouldn’t they? We can’t be more but grateful for the opportunity they give us.
There was the rumor that Greenlight would be shut down as of 2014, allowing everybody to sell their games over Steam without having to collect players’ votes. This did not prove to be true, but what did happen, is that it has become significantly easier to get through Greenlight. I think in the first four months of this year, more games have been greenlit than in all of 2013. Currently it looks like a batch of 75 games is greenlit at about monthly intervals.

Greenlight Stats

I am aware that our stats are nothing to brag about. But we feel we’re doing quite well. Our calculations show, that we should reach a rank of 100% at about 5700 ‘yes’ votes. We currently receive an average of 25 votes per day, so we should be greenlit in 4 to 5 months. But we expect a boost in our daily votes with every review we get and especially around the time of our release. Also we make a small jump forward each time a new batch of games is greenlit. So there is actually a chance that Schein will be greenlit within a couple weeks of our release date (the date itself is still a secret though). Wouldn’t that be awesome? We’ll stay optimistic!
Well, here we are hoping for Steam to favor us and if you cheer us on loudly, it might happen soon. So if you haven’t voted yet, swing by and give us a ‘yes’! (Here’s a direct link to Schein in your Steam client.)

Schein on Greenlight