Frame Hunt

by Philipp Schäfer

This time I will not talk about any programming! Why? Because, as we are a small indie company – like the others already mentioned – one has to fulfil many roles. One of my other tasks is: making videos and other media material for marketing, competitions, etc. . So I try to collect as much material as possible of all visual aspects of Schein.

For this task a screen-capture and a film editing software is needed. At first I tried to capture single scenes for in-game-screenshots during gameplay, but because the necessity of exact timing makes this a nasty job I quickly switched to another method. Now even if I need just a still picture, I capture a movie. It’s much easier to find a good frame when you have complete control over time. You may even find a better picture than you expected. For instance I found some interesting impressions of lightning strikes during 5 frames or less.

Another tip is to record every strange bug, extraordinary moment or milestone during development, creating as much different material as you can. I promise: There will be a moment, when you’re in dire need of some marketing material and you will be soooooo happy to have all these clips. And that is by the way the reason, why we could make such nice little bug videos like this one:

While the project proceeds it’s also very interesting to have some old clips for comparison, to make a time slice, or to just get nostalgic.
Some videos might also require a special setting, so as a last advice I can recommend to build a sandbox level. There you can assemble some special scenery with the only purpose of creating good pictures and videos.