Do you want milk? – Shake cows!

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Milkshake is an entertaining game that lets you shake cows in order to get dairy products.

Choose the right cow from the herd and vigorously shake it up and down to produce the required dairy items. Different cows can produce different items. The game ends once more than 10 item request have queued up – so be quick! Level up to unlock more and more different cows and items.

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Key Features

  • Shake cows until they ‘come home’.
  • Compete with your friends for the highest score.*
  • Become a master of milking and unlock all achievements.*

* not available on Windows


Milkshake was designed by the Viennese gamedev couple Bernhard and Sabine Klemenjak and developed in Unity as a hobby project. Zeppelin Studio supports the production as a publisher.


Genre: casual skill game
Platform: iOS, Android
Release: August 2017