Our hall-of-fame from game jams and other side-projects.

During our time as game designers and developers we have participated in a multitude of side-projects, ranging from early prototypes to released games. While our main goal lies in the production of fully-fledged games, we also want to give our smaller projects their well-deserved spot in our hall of fame.

The Sound of Bosons

The sound of bosons is a local massive multiplayer brawler game. Players experience the world as speeding atoms in a large hadron collider and must collect approaching particles to increase their atomic number. Collecting particles in certain patterns and collecting rare particles allows the players to unleash special abilities.

The game features an extended exhibition version, where all approaching particles can be generated live by a “game-master”. Every generated particle emits a unique sound, which makes the experience for “game-master” similar to playing an instrument. The resulting particle stream serves as a dynamically designed battle arena for the players in the audience, who use their smartphone as controllers.


Planet Aquarium is an atmospheric space game designed for Apple TV. The player can use the Apple TV Remote to fling meteors and starships at a peaceful solar system on the screen. If the objects hit the planets or suns, they influence their development. Manipulate the universe, create life, or blow up stars in this atmospheric casual game. (The game also works splendidly on touch-devices.)


Henry the Hedgehog is a high-score game for Apple TV, where you help to hunt down and collect food, so that Henry and his friends can survive the winter. Use the Apple TV Remote to aim the trampoline letting Henry bounce up and down. Skillfully time Henry’s jumps to pop the food-balloons with his spikes. But hurry up, winter is quickly approaching! A beautiful hand-drawn world brings the story to life in this entertaining journey.


67games is an initiative to encourage the development of educational games for South Africa. The idea results out of the conviction that qualitative games and playful media can be perfectly used for didactic purposes. In the course of the project, 67 games will be selected from numerous international submissions, to take part in exhibitions in schools across South Africa on the international Nelson-Mandela-Day.

Apart from taking part in the project’s organization, we want to support the cause with our own submissions:

Go With The Flow calls the player’s attention to the physical effects of gravity. As a player you have to keep your Zeppelin on track during a surreal journey across an intergalactic ocean.

Sub-Portal is a competitive two-player math-racing-game. Fans of sci-fi know that travelling at light-speed requires elaborate calculations. In this training-simulator both players need to solve subtractions to successfully pass predefined waypoints. The first player to reach their home planet wins.