The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

Journey to unknown lands and build your new home.


The Settlers Online is an online RTS for desktop browsers with focus on city building and resource management. Your new home is just one click away. Join the global community of settlers and start building your own empire.

Provide your Settlers with the resources they need to thrive, send them on adventures and help them overcome the evil bandits oppressing your island. But don’t forget about your friends! Together you can form a prospering guild and match yourselves against other players.


Ubisoft Düsseldorf originally released their popular strategy game The Settlers Online at the height of Flash-powered browser games in 2010/2011. More than ten years later the game still featured a large and lively community of players who were not prepared to abandon their quest, even as Flash technology was successively phased out by modern browsers. This is where we came in. Together with our partner Mi’pu’mi Games we ported the game from Ubisoft Düsseldorf’s Flash Client to state-of-the-art Unity WebGL technology. Our tasks involved:

  • Developing solutions for code-sharing between C# and Java
  • Extending and maintaining Mi’pu’mi Games’ tile-based renderer
  • Extending and maintaining Mi’pu’mi Games’ A2CS code converter
  • UI programming
  • Gameplay programming
  • Optimization
  • Time- and release-critical bug fixing
  • Server deployment and maintenance
  • Management of the live-ops team


Genre: RTS (City Building)
Platform: Desktop browsers
Release: July 2021


MiPuMi Games Ubisoft Düsseldorf