Wake Time Frame

Wake Time Frame

The live judging system for wakesurfing and more.

Wake Time Frame is an interactive judging system for professional sports events, which provides direct feedback for athletes, referees and, most of all, the audience.

Sports that require referees or juries to grade the athletes’ performance often suffer from a lack of transparency and feedback for the audience. The jurie’s personal notes during a run are only revealed at its end, keeping the audience in the dark for a great part of the competition.

Wake Time Frame takes judging to the next level. It combines juried competitions such as Taekwondo with the look and feel of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and presents live feedback about the athlete’s performance. While staying true to the official judging rules, this application opens up new possibilities of awarding instant bonus points for combos and tricks.


  • Intertwine sports and graphical game feedback to create a new experience
  • Produce instant feedback for athletes, referees, and the audience


Zeppelin Studio conceptualized and implemented the core system in Unity 5 in cooperation with the Austrian Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (ÖWWV). Thanks to the Happy Fun Times system, any smartphone and tablet can instantly be turned into a control panel for refereeing.


Genre: real-life sports game Platform: Windows, Mac OS Release: August 2017