Greenlight, take two

by Michael Benda

It is time to get serious: The development has reached the final phase, the last textures and puzzles are being polished and the game is at the ready. Soon we will be able to tell you even more about Schein’s completion, but first things first: Schein is back on Steam Greenlight and we need your votes!

Half a year after we went down from Greenlight, we feel ready to publish our online presence once again. So on Monday we launched our Greenlight campaign. And for those of you who did not notice yet: We marked this date with the simultaneous release of our brand new trailer and the updated Schein Demo.

The Demo now features brand new environmental graphics, a revised collision system, a glimpse into the dialogs between the main protagonist an the Irrlicht, a new look of the in-game menu and so forth – in short: all that we have worked on in the past six months. Hereby we proclaim the transition from our Dev-Demo to the real and official Schein Demo.

But back to the main topic: Visit us on Greenlight! Be among the first voters and create the stepping stone to Schein’s release on Steam.