It´s time to nail it.

by Leed:Audio

The last couple of weeks were spent with the aftermath of winning the Microsoft Imagine Cup and the amazing opportunities that come with that. But now the entire Schein team is back to industriously working on the game to tackle the final stage of development.

We as the sound team experienced a very significant kind of change in the last weeks: Since the XACT software, which we have been using, is no longer supported by Microsoft, we have evaluated some alternatives and decided to switch to the well-known audio middleware FMOD. This means that we need to implement all audio assets in the game all over again, but this annoyance was quickly compensated by the improved usability and more diverse options.


Nevertheless we are currently still working on the final music arrangements and are recording a long list of required sounds and tunes, to have the adequate sound effect ready for each and every situation in the game. This caused some hilarious brainstorming sessions with questions like: „What could somebody sound like if he’s just being eaten by a huge monster?“

(… hm Forrest, the speaker of our main character, will have to die a couple times more for that to turn out right.)