Letting the Zeppelin Fly

by Tiare Feuchtner

You might have noticed that we snuck in a new logo on the Zeppelin Studio page. Oh what am I saying? NEW logo? That can’t be, because there hasn’t been one until recently. Ok, well.. hey Zeppelin Studio now has a logo!
The design process was quite long and led through many doodles drawn by some of us. Of course we each liked our own doodles best, so we never arrived at a sensible conclusion.

Logo Sketches

Then Flip offered his help, even after he had actually left the team to do his civil service – of course we gladly accepted! His genius mind came up with a design we all felt comfortable with. Some little tweaks on our side followed, and this is the result:


Of course there are still a thousand things about it that we’re not really happy with. For instance, it’s just too long to use in any square image – and we often need square images! We had the same problem with the Schein logo though, and solved it by simply using the flame icon in those cases. So I’m sure once we’ve created a fitting icon for Zeppelin Studio, those worries will be forgotten.