Life after our 2nd Dev-Demo Update

by Tiare Feuchtner

A little more than a week ago, we released the second update of our Dev-Demo. It seems unbelievable that it was only the second, for it already feels like we’ve been doing this forever. This update was special to us though, because it contained quite many changes, and drastic ones at that.
My favorite innovation is the amazingly damp weather due to those scary thunderstorms with blinding lightning. But the one you will probably notice the most is our completely new character. And don’t forget about the Irrlicht – it too has changed!

Char Evolution

We found this update deserved some attention, so we went to great lengths to announce it properly. A week was spent gathering contact details and mailing out press releases.
The results are good! Our Stats tell us, that we’ve made new records with download numbers and page views. And we’re especially happy to see so many amazing Let’s Plays of Schein, which tells us that we’ve managed to polish our game visually to make it appealing for others to show off.

Of course we spent some time increasing our reach, in preparation for this huge update. We found that an add on Facebook works miracles to gather support from around the world – specially India, Argentina and Brazil proved to be enthusiastic and awarded us with a great many likes. We also included quite many gaming platforms which we had omitted previously, because initially we concentrated mostly on English and German speaking regions. It feels great to be in touch with so many amazing people all around the world and this is surely one of the most rewarding aspects of PR.

While I was busy chit-chatting with friendly people around the globe, our industrious team was already working on our next update. We should have that ready for you quite soon.
Now some of you might think, “Finish that game already and stop pestering me with that puny little demo level!” ..well you might be able to help us speed things up – our crowdfunding starts on May 5th on Indiegogo!