Long Night of Computer Games in Leipzig

by Philipp Schäfer

As some of you may have realized, we went to Leipzig for the „Lange Nacht der Computerspiele“, and it was great!
Since we did not know how many people there would be, or how much interest Schein would receive, we decided that I should go there alone and do a one man show for Zeppelin Studio. I was also accompanied by a member of our audio crew leedaudio (since they are from Leipzig). Luckily everything I needed for our booth fit into my backpack – including the screen.

Lange Nacht

So I hopped onto the next train, which was terribly full, and arrived one day early to drink a beer (okay maybe it was two) with our wonderful audio team. When we arrived at the event location the next day around 3pm, there were already people wandering about and the first started playing just when I finished setting up. But luckily most people arrived at later in the evening, so I had a chance to take this picture of our booth before the lighters were all gone.

Lange Nacht

The hours sped by and we met many german indie developers, press, interested students and surprisingly many families. There were two rooms for us developers, and the rest of the building was outfitted with old game machines, a demo scene cinema and a room for presentations and talks. When I held my presentation at 11pm it was already really difficult for me to talk, because I had already talked nonstop for nearly 7 hours. But wait, there was a moment when the other people did the talking and I only listened. At 7pm some guys from the Indie Arena spoke about their past and how they ended up being game developers (indie- fight anyone?). And since I couldn’t take a picture of my own talk, I’m posting a picture of their talk instead:

Lange Nacht

Featuring Friedrich Hanisch (Rat King), Ronny Burkersroda (Media Seasons), Tassilo (Bumblebee) and Constantin Graf (Rebusmind).
Until 2am there was nearly no break to playing at our table and we collected lots of valuable feedback for our demo and lots of respect for not using any engine. At 2:30am we finally decided we couldn’t talk anymore, so we packed our things and carried everything back through half of Leipzig – which was strangely more difficult than 11 hours earlier.
The Bus back to berlin felt really comfortable compared to the ICE, because I had a seat and did not need to fix a bug in the corridor between two wagons.

By the way, on the 15th of May I will be in Vienna at the Pioneers Unplugged. I hope I will meet one or two of you there! (Apart from the pitches there will be also BBQ – in case this helps your motivation).