Never been that difficult

by Philip Kasper

„Hello“ and a friendly „Please don’t be mad“ to all blog readers who feel that we are not providing them with enough information recently. My name is „Flip“, like always, and in the last couple of weeks I’ve had a lot on my mind – professionally as well as dealing with personal (mini) catastrophies.
The end is edging coming closer and closer and with every inch the pressure on our shoulders increases. I can of course only speak for myself, but my days at Zeppelin Studio are definitely very limited, due to my upcoming term of social service.
After my dear colleagues Michael and Philipp returned from Paris, they dumped a huge package of work on my desk: The complete graphical redesign of all levels. Each level needs to „feel“ differently, and that’s what I’m gnawing at right now.

These are my new concepts 🙂

A different subject about which I would like to talk is concentration. I am one of those people who gets distracted by absolutely everything. It may be the neighbors with their typical outbursts of rage, or the sudden urge to check if my ukulele is still tuned. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with my self for the last 20 years. In such a long time you get to know yourself quite well. So I have begun to find some little tricks, with which I can cause a kind of tunnel vision and ignore all those small things that so desperately try to get my attention.

    That’s sooooo so so important. „NO, you don’t need to just really quickly go on Facebook.” „No, not Youtube either. And definitely not 9gag!“
  2. Music
    And by that I DON’T mean Youtube. There are great alternatives like Grooveshark, Soundcloud or Spotify. (I can recommend the latter with good conscience.)
  3. An upright posture and adequate sitting height.
  4. „Enjoy the small things“
    Take multiple breaks of 5-10 minutes each 1.5 to 2 hours.
    Have a drink, grab a carrot and enjoy the calm, if you can.
  5. COFFEE (optional)
    One or two in the morning and then keep going like that. ^^

These are my tricks. I wish you all a good week and stay tuned.