New Year, new Char

by Philipp Schürz

Happy New Year everyone!
For me it’s exam weeks right now, maybe for you too. So it’s pretty busy, as you can imagine. Still, we’ve decided to give our “young man” a little rework. So I’ve sketched up some …sketches.

The main Idea was, to make him look a little more adult. Yes, he’s a young man, but with emphasis on “man”, not on “young”. Also, he’s got a little bit larger Hands, so he can do more stuff with them. Like grab things.
As you can see, I went a little bit overboard with some of these, but that’s what they’re for, being conceptual sketches and all. The new model is already in the final stages and the new textures will be underway shortly.

In the meantime, enjoy these complimentary drawings 😉

New Char