A Shiny new Background

von Philipp Schäfer

After quite some time it is a pleasure to once again reveal some engine-related information. The gap in our blogging mainly resulted from the great amount of work done on the core of the engine, which unfortunately didn’t bring forth many awesome pictures to show off.

The most notable improvements are:

  • Better code management, resulting in a more stable game
  • More efficient use of our resources, which for instance allows fast resolution changes
  • Improved communication with the graphics hardware to allow faster implementation of effects in the future

These benefits are currently brought to use in the realization of our new art concept.

Our brand new scene background is clearer, more performant and frankly more beautiful and will be the topic of the following lines. To enable it, nearly 90 percent of the old code has been thrown away.

New Art Concept 1
New Art Concept 2
New Art Concept 3

The first picture shows the start of the rendering for the new concept. In the following image you can see the first implementation of background water reflections. The strange appearance of the image is caused by the aim to render additional information, which is helpful for testing. The third picture in this blog post finally shows last week’s state, when we sent our submission to the IGF Student competition.
The core features are the new horizon, the color of the sky, the reflecting water surface in the background and the flow from front to back. The water in the foreground is now also kept in its boundaries, flowing around islands and surging onto the shore.
I am very much looking forward to presenting the effects added for each different color in my next blog post…