Pink and other pretty things

by Philipp Schäfer

The first full version of Schein has left the company (for participation in a competition) and very soon testing will start. Time to get back to the code and do some polishing and fixing (again). After a long list of bugs and many in-production-mini-tasks everything was ready. Even the installer was updated.
Finally, when those infinite to-do lists had found an end, there was enough time to prepare all textures in dds-format und to optimize loading (sadly not in time for the competition upload). Additionally I managed to fulfill a personal to-do from long ago and rewrote the particle-systems to be drawn in a single call.
I also spent some breaks doing really necessary things. For example I created a pink-blue theme for Valentine’s day. I am curious how many of these small things will reach the players in the final version.

Valentine's Day Theme

Also our public presentation is receiving a boost (more on this subject will follow soon). For my part I started optimizing the Zeppelin Studio website for mobile devices (it really sucked before I made some changes).

In such times like these when a deadline approaches, it is a law of the world that things will break. I suffered from an internet downtime, a broken headset and finally even a broken hard drive. But all you need in this situation is a server with version control, screwdrivers, lots of patience and you can carry on.