Please don’t #unplugme from pioneers unplugged

by Philipp Schäfer

Last time I wrote a little report about an event in Leipzig. This time it is about an event in the hometown of Schein and Zeppelin Studio … it is about pioneers unplugged in Vienna. An event with the weird hashtag #unplugme (there are so many wrong tweets in my head with this tag, but luckily not on my twitter). However the event was really nice. But before that, let’s take a small trip through Vienna. After I arrived in the city, I visited the creators of Son of Nor, a studio whose employees are located all around the world. Their producer/desginer Alexander Grenus is in Vienna. We spent some working hours and a meal together before I met up with our programmer Bernhard Klemenjak in a café, as is perfect “Vienna-style”. After we sorted out some optimization tasks, I went off to meet a local film crew for a secret endeavor. We confered for two hours, before I left just in time for the pioneers unplugged.

Pioneers Unplugged

Slowly people started arriving at the office, but time passed quickly with nice conversation, free beer and food, and a working station with 3d doodler pens. And I can tell you, those things are hard to use, but really rewarding if you have some patience with them (I should mention that the versions available were the first versions from the crowdfunding campaign). Then there was a really good talk about getting your head right with being a start up. And later some of us (including me) gave a short pitch about our companies and ideas.

Pioneers Unplugged

I lost track of time while switching between talking to people and getting fresh air on the balcony, and was kind of surprised that it was already midnight when the event slowly reached an end. It was a long day and I didn’t get much sleep, but at the end I would do it all again any time. Even if it rains the whole day like it did this time …

Rainy Day