Gather Crystals and upgrade your gear to emerge victorious in this intense multiplayer shooter.


Crave is a fast paced first person shooter, based on the idea of and created together with Oliver Wendelin.

Collect coveted Crystals to craft and upgrade your strategic gear and powerful weapons. Gather your friends and challenge other teams to death-matches, or objective based missions. Choose the optimal strategy to defeat your opponents with skill and team work.

Key features

  • Battle over the Crystal mining spots to control the resource supply.
  • Adapt your crafting to your enemies. Choose the right weapon and gear to counter your opponents’ tactics.
  • Join teams of up to 8 players.


Based on Oliver Wendelin’s idea and concept, Zeppelin Studio realized the implementation and programming of the prototype in “Unity 5”, using “UFPS” and “Photon Unity Networking” plugins. The game was presented during the Game City Vienna 2015, where it was very positively received by the players.


Genre: FPS, multiplayer
Platform: Windows, Mac OS
Release: t.b.a. (in development)