Release Date v 0.2

by Michael Benda

Postponing the expected release date is something rather common in the game industry. But while most of the game companies stay quiet about the game’s progress and the cause of the delay (probably for good reason – creating suspense, anticipation and speculative talk), we want you to be part of Schein’s development. We want to show you our progress, we want you to see the changes, adaptations and improvements we make, and we want your feedback.

In the last few Months we got more positive and constructive feedback than we ever hoped for. For this reason we think, you deserve to receive just as much feedback in return. What are our plans, what will we change and why the hell does the release date get delayed?

release delay
So here’s the fact – we’re postponing Schein’s release date from Q1 to Q2. The basic reason for this is that we want to deliver a high-quality product. Since we have the skills needed to compete against the “big indie developers” out there, we will do everything necessary to create a game achieving this goal.
Exactly in time for New Years’ resolutions, our team agreed on a number of changes to be made in Schein. These affect three parts of the game:

  1. New art style. As noted in the previous blog entry, the mood and visuals of the game are becoming more mature. Now, after the drafting process is over, this change requires a lot of work on our models, textures and graphics.
    Furthermore we received a big pile of comments about our current protagonist. After perusing the pros and cons we acknowledged that his current looks don’t fit the newly designed environment. So again, we are in the midst of a huge improvement.
  2. Schein Engine. Developing an own base-program has its advantages and disadvantages. Independence and flexibility surely are some of the former. The latter would mainly consist of us being responsible for any bugs and failures. Releasing the Dev-Demo allowed us to receive feedback not only for our game but for the engine as well. Right now we are improving the program to smoothly support as many PC configurations as possible.
  3. The Story. Since we got many enquiries about the background story, we doubled our effort to slip in even more info into the final version of the game. During the game, lost artifacts can be found, which speak of long forgotten tales.

These are the reasons that urge us to put even more work into the game, than was initially planned. We don’t merely want to meet your expectations, we want to exceed them – therefore we’re scheduling the release date to good ol’ Q2 2013.