Rework and Extend

by Philipp Schäfer

As announced in my last post, we have now implemented some light effects for the individual colors. But those are not the only changes we have made. Thanks to your feedback, it was possible to make some great improvements to our collision system. However there were some additional technical and logical problems to solve, so sadly not every bug could be fixed. But we’ve resolved quite many. And now that we’ve synchronized our bug-tracker, our testers can also see what has changed. In addition we also improved the CPU performance of our game.

In our new Dev-Demo you can see two new light based effects. In the normal solid world there are drifting wafts of fog. In the red light you will recognize a flickering heat haze in the background. To avoid more GPU usage, we optimized some other shaders and rendering procedures. Both effects use texture-lookups. While the grey fog uses a blurred noise texture, the red one changes the render target lookup in addition.
The effects are wonderful to manage and easy to modify, and we’d love you to post your thoughts in our forum. The red flickering effects for instance, have already gone through another iteration due to internal feedback. In the following figure you can see some nice effects, some more intentional than others, which occurred during the implementation of the red light effect.

heat haze
In my next post I will discuss the upcoming effects. Furthermore we will take a look into the optimization steps to achieve a higher frame rate. In the new log-file you can already see some detailed information about your hardware. This is helpful for debugging and maybe also for your own curiosity.