Saying good bye isn’t always hard

by Kilian Reisenegger

Quite some time has passed since my last posting and you may wonder what has happened in the meantime. Well, the task of switching to the new GUI system is slowly but steadily reaching completion. A great part of the menu has already been implemented and in this process some structural changes have been made as well – in the code and in the game. Some of these changes are based on the feedback we have received from our testers and you guys who have played our Dev-Demo. So you see, we do pay attention to what you have to say 😉

Some of you might ask why this takes so long, but especially when programming the GUI the devil is in the detail. If the menu and HUD work as expected you get no praise, but if something goes wrong everyone’s sure to let you know. To avoid the latter it’s important to be diligent and careful all the time, which results in longer working hours.

Until now the new GUI system has only existed in a separate build. Now, after having implemented the major part, the time has finally come to incorporate it into the game. This lead to an increase of entries in our bug tracker right away, since there were some “little things” I had not paid enough attention to. These obstacles will be cleared away however, allowing you to closely inspect our new GUI system for yourself in our next Dev-Demo release. (Note that the graphics are not final. ;))

After completing this task, the focus lies on implementing a world map. And once the graphics for the GUI are complete, they need to be incorporated as well. So you see, there is always enough to do.