Schein on Indiegogo

von Tiare Feuchtner

There comes a time in a game’s life, when it has to prove its worth. For some games it comes earlier than for others. For this game, it comes at the stage of crowdfunding. In fact it will all be decided between 5/5 and 6/6, because those are the start and end dates of our campaign on Indiegogo.

Check out Schein on Indiegogo, claim one of the awesome perks and become part of this game.

Apart from putting your name in the credits, you can for instance gain access to the beta version, add in-game messages to your friends, order a trendy t-shirt, or even design in-game content.

Also we’re excited to tell you, that we’ve got a new Dev-Demo online! Not only has it been updated, we’ve also restructured it to make it a brief and exciting trip to the swamp.
Here it is: The Dev-Demo (v0.3.3)
And as always, we’d love to know what you think!

We’re looking forward to adding your name to the credits and can’t wait to start shipping our game and goodies all over the world!