Press Kit: Schein


Release Date: October 10, 2014
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Platforms: Steam, GOG,
Humble Store, more…
Developer: Zeppelin Studio
Publisher: Meridian4

Schein Steam Release


Short Description

Use the magic of light to explore hidden worlds, solve challenging puzzles and defeat deadly beasts in award-winning Schein, possibly the trickiest platformer you’ll play all year.

The Project

Schein is an award-winning, puzzle platformer that tells the story of a father who enters a mystical swamp in desperate search of his son. As he becomes enveloped in darkness and begins to lose hope, a wisp appears, offering him guidance and her magical power: a light that reveals hidden worlds.
Use your wits and light to conquer mind-bending puzzles and defeat deadly beasts. Can you save your son in what’s possibly the trickiest platformer you’ll play all year?
Key features

  • Explore three hidden worlds, each with its own art style and dangers, using magical lights unlocked throughout the game.
  • Solve perplexing, occasionally maddening, puzzles and master challenging platforming action.
  • Use your intellect and reflexes to battle deadly bosses.
  • Immerse yourself in Schein’s story as it unfolds in fully synchronized dialogs accentuated by leed:audio’s atmospheric soundtrack.

Facts and Figures

  • System: Windows PC with Directx9 capable graphics card. Gamepads supported.
  • Scope: 12 levels are waiting to be dis­covered, protected by 4 ferocious monsters.
  • Game length: 4–8 hours of intense puz­zle solving, jump’n’running gameplay.
  • Language: Audio fully synchro­ni­zed in English – Text in English, German, French and Spanish.

Download Demo

In an effort to share their experiences during the development process, the developers of Schein also released the Dev-Demo of Schein. This is different from the regular demo, because it has constantly been updated in the course of development.
This is a short, specially designed level, with a selection of main gameplay elements. And the monsters had to stay at home, so it’s absolutely safe to try.
Download Official Demo


Demo: Download Official Demo
Press Release: Schein_Press_Release.pdf
Installation guide & controls: Schein_Handbook.pdf
All Pictures:
Official Trailer:Download Trailer



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Imagine Cup Interview by Rev3Games:


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It’s a gorgeous puzzle-platformer with mind-bending light manipulation mechanics involving alternate realities
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Schein präsentiert sich für ein Erstlingswerk beeindruckend.”

“Schein Demo Depicts A Grieving Father In Three Different Lights”
Indie Statik

“The core gameplay of Schein is what makes it unique and interesting. “
Level Save

“..eine gelungene Mixtur aus Jump and Run und Rätseln, die man nicht so oft findet.”

“Schein Dev Demo Draws Interest”

“Das Spiel Schein wurde nach der Präsentation mit dem Award of Excellence 2012 des Master-Studiengangs Game Engineering und Simulation ausgezeichnet.”
FH Technikum Wien

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About Zeppelin Studio

Zeppelin Studio was founded in Vienna, Austria by a group of former classmates who wanted to apply their skills to the real world after winning several student game competitions.
The company, in collaboration with German sound studio, leed:audio, is dedicated to delivering games that leverage cutting-edge technology, unique art and fun gameplay. Zeppelin’s first title, Schein, is an award-winning, puzzle platformer currently available on Steam. Learn more at


Bernhard Klemenjak — Engine Programmer
Kilian Reisenegger — GUI Programmer & Textual Content
Michael Benda — Project Manager & Level Creation
Philipp Schäfer — Lead Engine Programmer
Philipp Schürz — Art Director
Philip Kasper — Artist
Sabine Pölzlbauer — QA Manager & Sound Programmer
Tiare Feuchtner — PR & Marketing Management

Florian Förster — Lead Audio Production (Leed:Audio)
Tobias Jakubczyk — Audio Production (Leed:Audio)
Jakob Thomser — Audio Production (Leed:Audio)