Do you need help with developing games? Drop us a line and let us know how our studio can be of assistance.

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We offer our know-how and experience in game development for small and medium sized projects of international clients. We take on game development projects as a whole – from concept to deployment, as well as parts of larger projects in a manner of classical outsourcing.

Let us know about your needs at info [at]zeppelinstudio[dot]net. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Small, flexible and international

We managed to distill the professional expertise of game development into a small and highly skilled team that can flexibly adapt to the required workload. The company is located in Austria and is experienced in distributed collaborations with international team members, partners, and clients.

Game development

We offer the management and execution of the complete game creation process. We design and develop games in an agile and iterative manner, which enables us to tie in the clients at regular intervals to guarantee satisfaction.

Starting with the concept phase, where a given idea is reviewed, or drawn from scratch, the development covers all necessary aspects, including iterations in close collaboration with our clients, and thorough testing right from the start.


Be it the first prototype, or a port of an existing game to a new platform – our development team is happy to help out. We have experience in mobile, console and PC development and our portfolio includes titles featuring single and multiplayer games, with both local and online highscores. We enjoy working with C++, C# and Unity, but are also keen to jump into cold water with a new language or engine.

Engines and frameworks: Unity, Unreal, Phaser, Babylon.js, three.js, Angular
Programming languages: C#, C++, Java
Shader languages: HLSL, GLSL, Unity shader language
Scripting languages: Javascript, Typescript, Python, MEL
Web and backend: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Art & animation

Is your game project in need of graphical assets? We are happy to supply concept art, 3D models, animations and textures.


We have been an active part of the games industry for five years now. In this time, we have worked on multiple titles with various partners, and have encountered multiple obstacles, which we learned to overcome. We have also established a wide network of relations, from the international indie scene, to publishers and platform holders. We are happy to share this expertise with you and serve as consulting partner.


As a small team we remain in tight cooperation with our partners, to enhance our competencies while still benefitting from our flexibility. In matters of SFX and music we work together with the German sound studio leed:audio. The Austrian law firm Geistwert supports us in legal aspects of game development, and the marketing and production professional Verena Riedl lends assistance in the public set-up of our projects.

Partners and clients

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