The Beginning Of Schein.. or something similar

by Michael Benda

We started our first brainstorming sessions in March 2011. From back then, we had a long way to go, but finally we got to the present event: We finished our university project – with A grades! We are happy – never before have we put as much effort into a simple students’ project as we have done with Schein. We are partying – Our own idea, our own engine, our own graphics.. we even won the Award of Excellence! We are relaxing – The last days couple of days before the presentation were, simply put, harsh. No wonder that we slept pretty tight the nights after the presentation. But even though we were tired of the hard work, not a day passed without thinking about the project, the past year and the future.

New Beginning

Now here we are – I am writing right after the team meeting regarding the project’s further steps. And we are all of one mind: The days of relaxing are over! Fine grades are not enough. The product must be finished and released – it is too awesome to be hidden from public. The following months will be full of hard work – stronger team structures, greater responsibilities, and a clear goal: the game shall be launched as soon as possible! Although the game is near its completion, it won’t be an easy job. We don’t delude ourselves in any way about the effort we need to put into testing, polishing and, last but not least, big bad marketing. Developing a working program is one thing – making it market-ready is another, and this will be our focus for the next months.
In the same way as this is an end – the end of a the project earning us grades and the end of our life as students (though the master thesis is yet to be written), it is also a beginning of something great, something beautiful – can you see the butterfly, unfolding its wings out of the sheltering cocoon and flying towards the sunrise – towards a new future, new galaxies and new life? I hope, it won’t burn its wings…